Conversion Intelligence Visual Theme 
Project Overview

With AI on the rise and a new smart landing page builder coming into the market, Unbounce saw the opportunity to create a new category within marketing called Conversion Intelligence. "Conversion intelligence is pairing your marketing IQ with machine learning to identify and act on conversion opportunities you normally can't see on your own. This is the fastest way to build relevance and increase your chance of getting each and every visitor to convert."
This is not an easy term to explain or make marketers excited about it. So we took it as a challenge and opportunity to define what Conversion Intelligence would look like visually. Also, we started making some questions about how a visual concept could help us grow and scale the Unbounce branding together with some of our main strategy efforts.
- How do we explain to our customers, marketing generalists and data experts this term in an easy and fun way?
- How are we representing our AI content and Product launches?
- How can we align all our Marketing Utility Lab efforts? 

Cecilia Martinez - Art Direction
Gustavo Barta, Jorge Puebla - Senior Visual Designers​​​​​​​
Colin Loughran, James Thomson - Creative Consultants​​​​​​​
Process - Discovery

During the discovery phase, we facilitated brainstorms with some of the people behind the creation of Conversion Intelligence. We included the Chief Strategy Officer, Product Marketers, and Content strategists to have a deep understanding of how we wanted to represent AI combined with marketers' knowledge. We took them through a couple of creative exercises to get insights that could help us build our visual strategy.
We asked them to tell us the words we would like, and we wouldn't want our audience to associate with Conversion Intelligence.
Then we asked them to have fun and do a quick drawing of what they were picturing CI could look like.
Finally, we shared an axis map with different points on how AI has been represented in the past and asked them to add their names to the closest representation of AI in their minds.
Moodboard and Exploration

Through our visual narrative, we wanted to ensure the marketer was the center and hero of the story. We were looking to represent AI more abstractly as smart guides that could help Marketers make better decisions with data insights and get away from the typical robotic representation of AI. We started exploring ways to represent copy, design, and traffic insights, as these are some of the main things a marketer relays on to ensure they can optimize and create a better marketing campaign.
Conversion Intelligence Universe

After exploring and testing the concept with some marketers to get a sense of first impressions and feelings we landed on the concept of Conversion Intelligence Universe.
Marketers have always been at the center of our Unbounce universe. But to help them reach their conversion potential, we’re delivering expert guidance, AI-powered tools, and data-driven insights that help them succeed in their space—and create the highest-converting experiences online. This visual concept represents the enlightenment that comes from mastering the interconnected fundamentals of copy, design, traffic, and optimization and combining it with the confidence of knowing that you’ve got a whole universe of insights and content at your fingertips to help you take your marketing know-how to the next level.

Style Guidelines 

Once we got the visual concept, we documented the system and guidelines that the design team and other departments could use as reference for future applications. We created a Figma library that could be easily used by anyone in the company with clear steps and rules on where these CI elements should be applied or not used at all. 
Applications and Results
The Conversion Intelligence Universe theme exists throughout our different applications, product launches, and content publications. 
The theme brought excitement between employees and customers. 
The concept allowed us to have fun and do some gamification, especially within our Unbounce Community, where we use the same for tokens, prices, and rewards.
This visual concept is something the team continues to be excited about and will continue developing and optimizing to ensure it delivers a clear message about how Conversion Intelligence can help marketers grow their business. 

Thank You! 
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