Digital Marketing Kickoff
Project Overview

Digital Marketing Kickoff is a small digital event with the objective to discuss some of the trending topics in the marketing tech industry. This year DMK invited 10 female marketing experts from leading tech companies and agencies to give an exclusive look at their strategies for more user-focused marketing.


Cecilia Martinez - Art Direction 
Pablo Penades - Marketing Strategist

DMK Branding

In my inspiration for this project, I found an opportunity to play with collage style and handwriting typography to make the event feel strong, bold, passionate, hard-working, empowering, and authentic. The DMK branding portrays these values and empowers women experts in the German-speaking tech industry to share their knowledge.
Though the use of pink representing women has been controversial, I made the pink tone stronger and combined it with black, so the brand could own these colors and make speakers and spectators excited to join the event.
For the logo, I used Roboto Condensed font, which allowed me to make it flexible, so it is used for future years. I added a little ball at the end of the "K" as a playful element to represent the concept of "kickoff". 

Thank you!
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