Unbounce Campaigns

Meet Jane and Gil 
The objective of this campaign was to talk to our target audience (digital marketers) about the benefits of adding Popups and Sticky bars to their landing pages or websites. The idea was to make them aware of all the visitors they were losing and not converting like Jane and Gil.

How does it work?
1. Person clicks into one of the ads which will send them to one of the landing pages.  2. User adds the link of their website to see how Popups or Sticky bars work.  3. and 4. They get a preview of Popups or Sticky bars on their website.
Ambassador Program
 The Unbounce Ambassador Program helps Unbounce generate referrals and grow their customer base while building stronger relationships with their customers & community.

How does it work?
1. The customer signs up for the program via email campaign. 2. They become ambassadors with access to custom assets, perks, and unique challenges. 3. The ambassadors bring more customers to Unbounce. Their performance gets tracked.
Conversion Quest

We wanted to engage with PPC marketers that have a hard time getting leads from their client landing pages because in general, they are terrible. We came up with a game where the PPC Marketer would go on a challenge to find pages that are not getting them the desired results (using Unbounce Calculator). The objective was to generate a feeling of urgency into applying the wise tips and information provided during their mission: To double their client’s conversion rate.
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