Unbounce Core Values Mural
Unbounce has six values that have shaped the company culture into becoming one of the best working environments in the tech industry: Courage, Delight, Empowerment, Transparency, Humility, and Generosity.

Before thinking about the mural's design, the design team took the initiative to create value cards that were shared between employees to encourage them to apply the values in their everyday work.

For the design of the cards, I took as inspiration different Tarot decks to help me decide on the system in which all the cards would be designed. I developed symbols that represented each value: A lion for Courage (very Wizard of Oz), a bright face for Delight, a torch for Empowerment, a heart for Humility, a magnifying glass for Transparency and a hand giving an apple for Generosity.

Once we had these symbols, it was easy to move into the mural's design.

I used Vancouver as the scenario to integrate all the values into one place. While sketching it was fun to find ways that could help me place each value in its own little story. I wanted people looking at the mural to get delighted at discovering different easter eggs.
Mural Time-lapse
It took three days and a lot of excited Unbouncers to finish the mural.

Thank You!
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